Join Clinical Trials by Location

JCT is at the forefront of providing a place where clinical trial volunteers and clinical trial recruiters can connect. Our comprehensive database provides numerous trial listings containing details about each trial’s purpose, participant requirements, location, and contact information so that you can receive targeted results tailored to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a clinical trial for a serious disease, chronic illness, or just want to help people by participating in clinical research, we can help you.

Many people want to take part in clinical trials, but they don’t know where to locate one convenient to them.

Our ‘trials by location’ search function streamlines your trial search by allowing you to click on the country of your choice, and for US readers, you can then click on your individual state name or location on the map to pull up your results. A specific list of clinical trials close to your home or in a broader geographic area near you will appear based on the information entered.

To get started, locate the ‘Clinical Trials by Location’ sidebar, and proceed to click on the name of your country. Your next step is to click on the name of the state that you are interested in to view results of clinical trials near your home or a broader geographic area.

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