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Join Clinical Trials by Condition

JCT is the ultimate resource for people who are considering participation in clinical trials. Our vast database contains thousands of trials that are researching chronic illnesses, life threatening diseases, and quality of life treatments to help further medical breakthroughs. Our ‘search by condition’ function makes it easy to find a list of clinical trials that may interest you.

Many clinical trials are in need of healthy volunteers, that is, individuals with no known significant health problems. To find clinical trials that fall into this category, simply click on the heading ‘healthy volunteers.’

To begin your search for clinical trials targeting a specific condition or disease, simply Join Clinical Trials by Conditionselect your choice from the links on the right, then click on the term that best describes your condition. For example, to find a clinical trial exploring treatments for diabetes, you can click on the ‘diabetes conditions’ tab, then choose ‘type 1 diabetes’ or ‘type 2 diabetes’ from the drop down menu.

To find clinical trials for cancer research, click first on the ‘cancer disorders’ tab and then choose a type of cancer from the drop down menu. For example, ‘breast cancer.’

A general search term will yield more results, but a more specific search term will result in more targeted listings of clinical trials.