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Clinical Trials for AnemiaIn clinical trials for anemia, medications will be tested that should ideally help treat the different forms of anemia, as well as improve the quality of life of those afflicted with this disease.

They will also test blood and marrow stem cell transplants for those with severe forms, the effectiveness of bone marrow treatments for children with sickle cell disease, medication to improve blood counts for those with aplastic anemia, and gene therapy for those with Fanconi anemia.

What is a typical trial like?

Potential study participants will undergo blood tests to determine eligibility. Tests such as blood counts assessments will be administered for comparison purposes with future tests to determine the success rate of treatments. Certain trials will also require evidence of a family history with inherited forms of anemia in order for you to be eligible.

Typical Trial Protocol:

Participants may receive some form of medication intravenously for a specified time course, during which they may be continuously monitored in the associated research hospital with the intention of studying drug initiation.

In FDA approved drug trials, participants may take the approved prescription pill for the recommended duration and be monitored while on the medication. They will also be required to attend follow-ups for a specified time after stopping the medication.

Those with severe forms of inherited anemia may be eligible to join a clinical trial in which they will undergo stem cell transplant and post transplant therapy to reduce the risk of host versus graft disease. Assistance will be provided for the cost of living away from home during the course of the procedure and post-procedural therapy.

You should also note that as with any clinical trial, it is possible that you will be randomly selected for the placebo group. You would therefore undergo the same procedures as the treatment group without receiving the actual treatment being tested.

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