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Nanotechnology in Medicine Most everybody knows about a litmus test, strips of paper impregnated with dyes that turn red in the presence of acid and blue if there is a base (alkaline). It’s a kind of chemical sensor. There are many kinds of chemicals that can similarly act like a sensor, detecting the presence of [...]

Experts warn there will soon come a day when gonorrhea will become resistant to the drugs that treat it, and no drug will work against it. Gonorrhea, which has effective drugs to treat it, will become resistant to those drugs and there will be no drug left. This has not officially happened yet, but all [...]

The increased popularity of gluten free diets begs the question: Is it due to an increase in celiac disease or the latest diet fad? Americans are known for fads. From hoola-hoops to the diet plan of the week, the country has an appetite for novelty. There is also the powerful and pervasive force of advertising [...]

 Battling weight loss is an important step towards living a healthy long life. Visiting and getting the best attention from a medical weight loss clinic is very easy, affordable and important. You will get the care, attention and treatment needed. At Medifast Center, you will be introduced to two life changing drugs as well as [...]

 Vaccines save 3 million lives per year, and are proven to be safe, so why have whooping cough and other viruses made a comeback? Still Anti-Vaccination groups continue to resist giving their children the vaccines that doctors recommend. It is important to note that doctors can be hesitant to prescribe Dianette, largely because it is associated [...]

When somebody says, “the global pharmaceutical pipeline has stopped growing” and they’re talking about pharmaceuticals, it commands attention. The number of new drugs in development is a stand-in not only for the health of the industry, but also for the advancement of medical science. Keeping the pipeline full is a serious concern. Developing a new [...]

What if prescription drug labels and warnings – you know, the ones that clutter the outside of prescription drug containers – were worded and displayed like advertising? Meaning that instead of sounding like computerese and slapped at random onto the container, they were actually designed to get your attention and comprehension. Consider this: Every year an [...]