Clinical Trial News

A new drug, Trajenta, has been proven to work for type 2 cultural diabetes treatment programs after a lengthy but successful clinical trial process. An extended clinical trial of the drug linagliptin (Trajenta), conducted for a group of over 2,000 patients from 32 countries with type 2 diabetes, confirmed the drug as safe and effective [...]

According to Diane Walder, MD, 90% of skin cancers are linked to UV light from the sun, but discovering how UV light causes cancer is the key to new treatments. All cancers are bad, but melanomas, loosely known as skin cancers, are among the worst. In fact, only three percent of skin cancers are melanoma, but [...]

 While comparing and researching diets, researchers concluded the best diet for most people is the Low-Glycemic Index Diet. Why? Because as a unit of measurement, all calories are equal. As a specific type of food – as far as the human body is concerned – calories are NOT equal. That’s the conclusion of a new study [...]

Strokes caused by clots or blood vessel breaks in the brain are the third most common cause of death. They are also the leading cause of disability. For decades, researchers have worked to find drugs or other methods that can reduce the damage caused by strokes – post stroke treatment – especially to combat often [...]

Experts considering raising the RDA for vitamin C can’t agree if the change will produce enough health benefits.The amounts of vitamin C needed by humans to prevent diseases and improve heath is still a matter of controversy among doctors and researches. According to Weight Watchers, (, the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C is less [...]

 New treatments for Alzheimer’s hinge on the success of three clinical trial drugs, which may not work, or may be too expensive to produce for the general population. It would be very unusual not to know someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. One in eight older Americans develops dementia and it strikes [...]

The HIV preventative drug Truvada joins other HIV treatments already in use, but questions persist about its use, cost, and effectiveness. There are very few of the proverbial ‘silver bullets’ in medicine – the one shot cure or the perfect vaccine. In fact, most serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and HIV are complicated. [...]

Phthalates used to make your bath wash, wrinkle cream, and favorite perfume may double the risk of diabetes. Phthalate, pronounced THA-layt, is hardly a household word, meaning most people never heard of it. In another sense, phthalate is very much a household word because it is a chemical group found in an incredibly wide range [...]

Let us introduce you to the notion of automated hovering as a medical concept. But first, what this is really about is the notion that while most people spend just a few hours (or minutes) a year with their doctors, they spend 5,000 waking hours a year doing everything else. Those 5,000 hours are when [...]

What if treating skin cancer was as simple as applying a cream created from gene regulation and nanotechnology? As study of the human genome provides insight into genes that cause or promote disease, the medical technique of gene regulation is providing the means to manipulate genes against disease. In a new approach developed at Northwestern [...]

For the more than 25,000 Americans who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), there is hope of a possible breakthrough in treating patients with this debilitating disease. A treatment called NurOwn, developed by Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (Tel Aviv, Israel) shows promise for significant improvement of the symptoms of [...]

  In a recent Phase 2 clinical trial conducted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (U.S. National Health Institute) the bone marrow drug eltrombopag (Promacta) demonstrated an expanded range of effectiveness by successfully improving the blood cell levels in some people suffering from aplastic anemia. Bone marrow produces the three major blood cells – [...]

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