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This is your general account set up page. The information that you provide here is kept private and is not visible on the website. After you have completed setting up your account, you will have the ability to create a clinical trial profile and choose which trials you are most interested in. Clinical Trail Profiles are made visible to recruiters that show your geographical locatinn and the clinical trials that you are interested in. We do not share your contact information with recruiters. They must first contact you via our internal email system and YOU authorize them to contact you or not.

Very Important - Once You register, we will send you a verification email. Unfortunately, many spammers on the web send spam messages that are of a medical nature, i.e Viagra, prescriptions etc. Due to this, a lot of spam filters will mistakenly send our verification email to the junk folder. If you do not receive a verification email, PLEASE check your junk mail or deleted mail. If you do not get a verification email, please contact us so that we can assist you in setting up an account.

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