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Clinical Trial Finds Nanotube Sensor Can Monitor Cancer or Diabetes

Nanotechnology in Medicine Most everybody knows about a litmus test, strips of paper impregnated with dyes that turn red in the presence of acid and blue if there is a base (alkaline). It’s a kind of chemical sensor. There are many kinds of chemicals that can similarly act like a sensor, detecting the presence of other chemicals. Some of them would work in the human body, detecting glucose (blood sugar) for example, but the ...

Clinical Trial Finds Links Between Inflammation Response and Autism

Clinical Trial Research on Links Between Inflammation and Autism Inflammations, such as a fever or the reddish hot area around an infection, are normal responses of the immune system. In fact, inflammation is such a common defense mechanism that some of its effects sort of slipped off the research radar. Until recently (the last five years or less), this was the case for researching links between inflammation and autism (or more accurately, autism spectrum disorder). ...

Incidental medical test findings: Not incidental

Incidental medical test findings: Not incidental The doctor says to a patient with a broken collarbone, “We did the MRI scan of the torso, including the shoulder, and yes you have a multiple fracture and torn ligaments. We also discovered something else. You have lung cancer.” Two immediate points: This sort of incidental finding – looking for one medical condition and discovering another unrelated condition – is far more common than the public or even the medical ...

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