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Cosmetic Procedures

General Purpose:

Many people at some point in their life decide to pursue a cosmetic procedure. For some, it is a choice made out of a desire to improve their appearance. For others, it may be perceived as a means of improving their self-esteem. Others may elect to undergo a cosmetic procedure out of necessity, following an injury that leads to disfigurement.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of cosmetic procedures available that can help improve the appearance of almost any part of the body.

Examples include liposuction, implants (facial, breasts, calves, buttocks), treatments for spider veins, hair replacement procedures, hair removal procedures, breast reduction procedures, nose surgery, body contouring surgery, and tummy tucks, just to name a few. Collectively, these procedures are often referred to as “plastic surgery.”

Research related to many different aspects of plastic surgery is currently ongoing. In addition to investigating more advanced and less-invasive techniques, scientists are also conducting research to learn how to minimize the side effects of various surgical interventions, as well as evaluating the psychological impact such procedures have on those who receive them.

What Will A Cosmetic Procedures Clinical Trial Be Like? 

Due to the wide variety of cosmetic procedures available, clinical trials will likely differ substantially with regard to the procedures involved, the information they obtain from participants, and their overall objective. Provided below is a list of common procedures, tests, and assessments that may be incorporated into such clinical trials, but please note that studies are likely to differ across a wide variety of aspects:

  • Detailed physical examination
  • Photographs to document before-and-after progress of a particular procedure Topical prescription medications that contain derivatives of vitamin A
  • Surgical procedures involving either local (site-specific) or general anesthesia
  • You may be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine how much of an impact your cosmetic procedure has on your emotional-well being, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Dietary interventions
  • Exercise interventions

Typical Cosmetic Procedure Clinical Trial Protocol:

Specific examples of clinical trials for various cosmetic procedures might include the following:

  • A study designed to evaluate the quality of life and body image of women who undergo thighplasty (a surgical procedure to improve the contour of the thighs and buttocks) following bariatric surgery for obesity.
  • A study designed to determine the long-term health effects of breast augmentation using silicone gel breast implants.
  • A study to determine the safety and efficacy of a new surgical approach to performing a tummy tuck procedure. Men and women undergoing this procedure will be randomly assigned to receive the surgery using the standard technique, or to receive the new surgical approach.
  • A study designed to compare the effectiveness of two separate pain medications in burn patients undergoing skin-graft surgery.


The type of clinical trial you may be eligible for often depends on many factors. Therefore, it is important to know as many details as possible with regard to your specific circumstances when searching for clinical trials.  Examples of information you may want to have on hand include the following:

  • The type of cosmetic procedure you are interested in
  • Your prior and current diagnoses of any health conditions or diseases
  • Your current medications (including vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements)

Suggested Search Terms:

Once you are ready to begin your search for cosmetic procedures related clinical trials, the following terms may be of use when combined with the particular cosmetic procedure you are seeking information about: “side effects,” “long term effects,” “complications,” and “alternatives.”


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In-Use Test With a Cosmetic Product to Treat Pruritus

Condition:   Pruritus
Intervention:   Other: WO 3308 Cosmetic Product for Topical Use
Sponsors:   Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel;   Skin Investigation and Technology Hamburg GmbH

Prospective Evaluation of Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Condition:   Cosmetic Techniques
Interventions:   Drug: Restylane-L®;   Drug: Restylane-L® Lyft;   Drug: Restylane Silk®
Sponsors:   University of Pennsylvania;   Galderma
Not yet recruiting

Soothing and Re-epithelizing Activity of New Cosmetic Formulations in Comparison to Placebo and Untreated Control Area

Condition:   Sensitive Skin
Interventions:   Other: P926 - LICHTENA DermAD CREMA VISO;   Other: P927 - LICHTENA DermAD CREMA CORPO;   Other: P926 - LICHTENA DermAD CREMA VISO - PLACEBO;   Other: Untreated control area
Sponsor:   Derming SRL

Xeomin Cosmetic in the Management of Masseter

Condition:   Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy
Intervention:   Device: Xeomin Cosmetic
Sponsor:   Erevna Innovations Inc.

Study to Assess the Cosmetic Changes in the Facial Skin After Use of a Topical Retinoid Product in Participants With Moderate to Severe Photodamage

Condition:   Skin Care
Interventions:   Other: Retinol Complex 0.5;   Other: Facial cleanser;   Other: Moisturizing lotion;   Other: Sunscreen;   Device: Skin Imaging
Sponsor:   Allergan

Cosmetics and Pregnancy

Condition:   Pregnancy
Intervention:   Other: Group discussions
Sponsors:   University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand;   Agence Régionale de Santé Rhône-Alpes;   Université d'Auvergne;   Observatoire Régional de Santé Auvergne-Rhône Alpes (ORS- ARA)
Not yet recruiting

Split Scar Study to Assess Cosmetic Outcome From Differing Suture Spacing

Conditions:   Suture, Complication;   Wound;   Wound Complication;   Wound Dehiscence;   Wound of Skin;   Surgery;   Suture; Complications, Infection or Inflammation
Intervention:   Other: Suture spacing for wound closure
Sponsors:   Silver Falls Dermatology;   Samaritan Health Services

Trial Comparing Cosmetic Outcomes of Pediatric Laceration Closure Using Skin Glue, Medical Tape Versus Stitches

Condition:   Laceration
Interventions:   Procedure: Absorbable Sutures;   Procedure: Steri-Strips;   Procedure: Dermabond
Sponsor:   Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Efficacy Evaluation of the Activity of a Cosmetic Product (Topical Use) on Hair Regrowth vs Placebo

Condition:   Hypertrichosis
Interventions:   Other: Actapil Corpo Spray (SHEDIR PHARMA Srl - Italy);   Other: Placebo
Sponsor:   Derming SRL

Cosmetic Study to Improve the Appearance of Skin Afflicted With Mild to Moderate Atopic Dermatitis.

Condition:   Atopic Dermatitis Eczema
Interventions:   Other: AO+Mist;   Other: Placebo
Sponsor:   AOBiome LLC

Cosmetic Fat Transplantation Using Expanded ASC Enriched Fat Grafts

Condition:   Breast Hypoplasia and Facial Ageing
Interventions:   Biological: ASC enriched lipofilling;   Biological: Standard Lipofilling
Sponsors:   Stemform;   Aleris-Hamlet Hospitaler København
Active, not recruiting

In-Use Test With a Cosmetic Product

Condition:   Dermatitis, Atopic
Intervention:   Other: WO 4260 Cosmetic Product for Topical Use
Sponsors:   Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel;   Skin Investigation and Technology Hamburg GmbH

Cosmetic Study of AO+Mist in Improving the Appearance of Skin Afflicted With Keratosis Pilaris

Condition:   Keratosis Pilaris
Interventions:   Other: Placebo;   Other: AO+Mist
Sponsor:   AOBiome LLC

Motorized Mechanical Massage Associated With Cosmetics in Improving Body Contour and Appearance of Gynoid Lipodystrophy

Condition:   Cellulitis of Leg
Intervention:   Device: Motorized mechanical massage with the Dermothonus Slim® Ibramed with cosmetics
Sponsor:   Indústria Brasileira Equipamentos Médicos - IBRAMED

To Assess the Photosensitisation and Photoallergy Potential of a Cosmetic Facial Product in Healthy Participants

Condition:   Skin Care
Interventions:   Other: Facial micellar cleanser;   Other: Saline Solution: Sodium Chloride (NaCl; 0.9%)
Sponsor:   GlaxoSmithKline

Determination of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of a Cosmetic Daily De-fence Skin Cream

Condition:   Sunscreening Agents
Interventions:   Other: Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Light;   Other: ISO 24444:2010 P3 Standard Sunscreen
Sponsor:   GlaxoSmithKline

To Assess the Mildness of a Cosmetic Cleanser in Healthy Participants Using the Forearm-Controlled Application Technique (FCAT)

Condition:   Skin Care
Interventions:   Other: Test Product;   Other: Positive Control;   Other: Reference Product
Sponsor:   GlaxoSmithKline

Comparison of the Cosmetic Effects of Bakuchiol and Retinol

Conditions:   Wrinkle;   Photoaging
Interventions:   Drug: Bakuchiol;   Drug: Retinol
Sponsor:   University of California, Davis

Epicutaneous Testing of Cosmetics

Condition:   Dermatitis
Intervention:   Other: Patch test application
Sponsors:   University Hospital Inselspital, Berne;   Mibelle AG

Polyglactin 910 vs Poligelecaprone 25 Running Subcuticular Closure of Elliptical Excision Wounds

Condition:   Cosmetics, Suture, Cicatrix
Intervention:   Procedure: running subcuticular closure of excisional defect
Sponsor:   University of California, Los Angeles

Curing Atopic Dermatits in Children With a Commerical Medical Device and Maintaining Healthy Skin by Using a New Cosmetic Product

Condition:   Dermatitis, Atopic
Interventions:   Device: Bepanthen Itch Relief Cream: Phoenix 2 (Bepanthen Sensiderm, BAY207543);   Other: New cosmetic Bepanthen product: Pumpkin (BAY207543);   Other: Stelatopia (cosmetic comparator)
Sponsor:   Bayer

Quantitative Study of New Limbal Ring Prototypes

Condition:   Cosmetic Effect
Interventions:   Device: etafilcon test contact lens Variant AP;   Device: etafilcon test contact lens Variant JG;   Device: etafilcon test contact lens Variant CS;   Device: etafilcon test contact lens Variant VC;   Device: etafilcon test contact lens Variant LA
Sponsor:   Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

3D Breast Imaging for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Conditions:   Hypomastia;   Primary Breast Augmentation
Intervention:   Device: 3D Imaging
Sponsors:   Washington University School of Medicine;   Allergan

Cosmetic Result/Toxicity in Post-Mastectomy Immediate Reconstruction Expander+RT

Condition:   Breast Cancer
Intervention:   Radiation: Radiation Therapy
Sponsors:   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute;   Brigham and Women's Hospital
Active, not recruiting

Safety Study of Cosmetic Tissue Augmentation in People of Color

Condition:   Wrinkles
Intervention:   Device: Elevess
Sponsor:   Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

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