About JoinClinicalTrials.com


JoinClinicalTrials.com (JCT) is the web’s top resource for finding clinical trials, and for finding volunteers who would like to join clinical trials. Our unprecedented approach to matching volunteers with recruiters is, hands-down, the fastest and easiest to use resource you will find online.

Here volunteers can find clinical trials, information about the trial’s purpose, who may participate, locations, phone numbers and much more. Our unique search engine simultaneously pulls data from the following resources:

  • U.S. National Library of Medicine,
  • U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
  • U.S. National Institute of health
  • Privately Submitted Trials to JCT

Our purpose here at JCT is to provide a clear and easy to use resource that helps bring together clinical trial volunteers with clinical trial investigators and recruiters. Our website consists of these two types of memberships:

Clinical Trial Volunteers – JCT offers volunteers, at no charge, the ability to access and search the web’s most exhaustive clinical trial database in accordance with our terms of service use. Volunteers, also at no charge, have the option to sign up and post a clinical trial profile which greatly improves their chances of being found by clinical trial recruiters to join specific clinical trials.

Clinical Trail Recruiters – JCT offers recruiters, investigators and CRO’s the ability to post their clinical trials into our clinical trial database and the ability to access our database of clinical trial profiles with pin-point accuracy to find the exact type of clinical trial volunteer that they are seeking.

 Am I joining a Clinical Trial by Signing up?

No. JCT is a website that is designed to bring together clinical trial volunteers and clinical trial Investigators, CRO’s and Sponsors. However, if you are interested in finding a clinical trial to join, there is no better place to find one and to be found by recruiters.

 Do you Conduct Clinical Trials?

No. We are a small team of designers, coders, writers and clinical trial experts that help bring together clinical trial volunteers with clinical trial recruiters. We do not conduct any clinical trials nor endorse them. We urge all volunteers to consult their doctor or physician before participating.

Where Are you Located?

We are located in beautiful Suwanee, Georgia, a small suburb of Atlanta.

How Can I Contact You

The best way to contact us is through our contact form located here. Currently, we are not set up for incoming phone calls, however, we do plan to add this functionality later.

 Where do the Clinical Trials on this Website Come From?

All information is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine,U.S. National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and privately submitted clinical trials from clinical trial investigators, CRO’s and Sponsors.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal at JCT is to help clinical trial volunteers better understand and evaluate clinical trials that they are considering joining and to provide investigators, CRO’s and sponsors a better way to meet and communicate with these volunteers.

 Is my Information Safe on Your Website?

 All information on the site is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and the identity of this website has been verified by COMODO High-Assurance Security Certificate.

  Who will be able to view my personal information?

Your personal information is stored two ways in our system:

  • Your Registration Information – Your registration information contains your contact information. Address, name and email address.
  • Your Clinical Trial Profile – Contains geographical information about you, (but not your complete address) and conditions that you may have or that interests you.

Your clinical trial profile will be visible to clinical trial recruiters that are searching for volunteers for their clinical trials. Your contact information is not provided to them. However, if they feel that you are a good candidate for their clinical trial they can contact you via our in-house secure email system.

An email will then be sent to you asking you to grant the recruiter, investigator, CRO or Sponsor access to your contact information. Only You can release your personal information. If you would like to see who is requesting your information you can follow the link in the email to research the person or company that is requesting to speak with you.

 Does JCT Screen the investigators, CRO’s and Sponsors?

Absolutely. We verify each company by phone and address.

 Where can I Find Information about your Policies and Proceedures?