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Multiple Sclerosis

Join Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

Join Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

Join Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

General purpose: 
Research related to multiple sclerosis may investigate new drugs in an effort to find more effective treatments for the disease, whereas other studies may investigate how multiple sclerosis develops.

That research can lead to additional research into ways of preventing the development of multiple sclerosis altogether. In addition, research may also focus on the role of the immune system in the development of multiple sclerosis, as well as the impact that genetics has in increasing the risk of multiple sclerosis.

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Join Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials

What do clinical trials for Multiple Sclerosis involve?

Clinical trials will vary widely in the information they collect, as well as the tests and procedures they use. All of these factors will depend on individual study designs, which will differ greatly between trials. However, below is a list of common procedures and data that are frequently collected during a trial for multiple sclerosis:

  • Blood tests to monitor safety and effectiveness of new drug treatments for multiple sclerosis.
  • Imaging studies, in particular MRI, to monitor the effects of new drugs therapies and other treatments.
  • Blood tests to evaluate specific genetic characteristics or antibodies.
  • Neurological exams
  • Eye exams

Examples of Multiple Sclerosis- related research topics:

  • Studies comparing a conventional treatment for multiple sclerosis with a newly developed drug to determine which is most effective.
  • Studies that use MRI to observe how multiple sclerosis lesions change in size and number within the brain and spinal cord in relation to specific treatments.
  • Studies of blood and tissue samples from large numbers of multiple sclerosis patients in order to observe any common genetic mutations.
  • The effects of pregnancy on women with multiple sclerosis.

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