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Lyme Disease

Join Clinical Trials for Lyme Disease

Join Clinical Trials for Lyme Disease

Clinical Trials for Lyme Disease

General Purpose: Research related to Lyme disease frequently seeks to develop new and improved methods for treating and preventing the disease, develop more reliable methods for diagnosing Lyme disease.

Also to ealuate the biological and genetic aspects of Lyme disease in an effort to better understand how it affects the body. Other studies evaluate the effectiveness of different types of antibiotic therapies commonly used to treat Lyme disease, as well as the effectiveness of potential vaccines developed to prevent it.

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Join Clinical Trials for Lyme Disease

Clinical Trials for Lyme Disease

What do clinical trials for Lyme disease involve?

Clinical trials will vary widely in the information they collect, as well as the tests and procedures they use. All of these factors will depend on individual study designs, which will differ greatly between trials. However, below is a list of common procedures and data that are frequently collected during a trial for Lyme disease:

  • Blood tests to measure antibodies to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease (most commonly used test is known as the ELISA for Lyme disease).
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Echocardiogram (to look at the heart)
  • Spinal tap to examine spinal fluid
  • MRI of the brain

Examples of Lyme disease-related research topics:

  • Education related to techniques for minimizing the risk of exposure to infected ticks.
  • Studies comparing two separate testing methods for Lyme disease to determine which is more accurate.
  • Studies to determine the quickest way to diagnose Lyme disease and thereby minimize treatment delays.
  • Studies to evaluate the use of extended antibiotic therapy for individuals who do not receive complete relief of their symptoms following a standard course of antibiotic therapy.


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